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All too often, people who suffer from chronic pain think the only way that they can get the relief that they are seeking is with medication. However, medication is only a bandage for pain; to really combat the problem, it has to be treated with physical therapy. But, if you are someone who is suffering from chronic pain, you can’t help but wonder if physical therapy will really be beneficial. According to many doctors, physical therapy is a low-risk solution that can provide a tremendous amount of benefits to diagnose and correct a variety of conditions.

Physical therapy aides people of all ages who have been diagnosed with medical conditions or who have sustained injuries that have caused lasting and constant pain, and that limit their mobility. The exercises and strength training can help to restore a patient’s level of physical functioning prior to the condition that impacted his or her mobility.

Primary care physicians commonly refer patients to physical therapy at the onset of a problem. Because it can be so effective for assisting patients with restoring their strength and flexibility, doctors see physical therapy as a more effective and successful treatment option than pain medications. In fact, in many cases, physical therapy can be so effective that it can prevent the need for surgery.

How can physical therapy help you if you are suffering from chronic pain? Here is a look at just some of the ways that it can help you.

Ease Pain

The variety of therapies and treatments that are use in physical therapy can help to restore the function of the muscles and joints, thereby relieving pain. In many cases, such treatments can also prevent pain from developing again.

Improve Mobility

Many people are under the assumption that if they suffer from chronic pain, they should limit the amount of activity they partake in, as it will prevent the pain from worsening; however, quite the opposite is true. Staying stagnate and not using muscles and joints can actually weaken the affected area, causing the development of even more severe pain and reducing your mobility even more.

The exercises and techniques that are used in physical therapy get you moving, increasing your mobility and eventually, reducing your pain.

Injury Recovery

A physical therapist understands the intricacies that can cause the body to experience pain after an injury. Your physical therapist will develop a plan of action that will effectively restore the strength and the flexibility of an injury that has led to chronic pain, thus reducing your pain.

If you are suffering from chronic physical pain for any reason and you live in the Babylon area, Panetta Physical Therapy can help. Conveniently located near all points of interest in Babylon, including Jones Beach, Captree Island an Fire Island, Panetta Physical Therapy is easy to access via the Robert Moses Causeway or the Southern State Parkway.


“After a bad accident left me with chronic pain for years, I finally went to the doctor. He referred me to Panetta Physical Therapy and after just two months, I can honestly say that my pain is hardly noticeable and I am much more comfortable.”

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