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Bohemia Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a powerful therapeutic tool. Through the use of various physical applications, such as exercise, massage and heat treatments, physical therapy can help to reduce pain in the tendons, muscles and ligaments, strengthen the muscles, improve flexibility and balance, and restore range of motion. It can help a person avoid having surgery, it can treat chronic pain and it can prevent further damage from occurring.

Many people assume that physical therapy is used to treat injuries; to repair the damage from a broken ankle or to improve function after a hip replacement, for example. However, physical therapy can actually be used to treat a myriad of health conditions. Here is a look at some of the illnesses and medical conditions that physical therapy is used to treat.

Chronic Health Conditions

People who suffer from chronic or ongoing illness or medical conditions often rely on physical therapy to improve balance, build muscle strength and increase mobility. Arthritis, spinal stenosis, Parkinson’s disease, venous insufficiencies and fibromyalgia are just a few of the chronic medical conditions that physical therapy is used to treat.

Other Health Conditions

Physical therapy can also be used to treat various medical conditions that are not chronic or preexisting. Stroke patients, for example, who lose strength or the ability to use certain parts of their body, often use physical therapy as a way to rebuild their strength and restore their mobility. The same is true for people who have been physically impacted from the effects of a heart attack and even cancer.

Childhood Health Conditions

Adults aren’t the only people who can benefit from physical therapy. Children who are born with or develop health conditions also use physical therapy to treat any physical limitations they may be experiencing. Children who have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy or muscular dystrophy, and those who have suffered a traumatic brain injury or a spinal cord injury can use physical therapy to develop and improve their physical abilities.

How Physical Therapists Help

Physical therapists address the issues that are associated with reduced range of motion, strength, mobility and balance. They devise customized treatment plans, which include a variety of physical applications, including exercise, massage and stimulation therapy, to restore physical function. They also educate patients, providing them with tips and strategies to safely and successfully improve their physical abilities. Additionally, physical therapists can provide any assistive equipment that patients may need, such as canes, walkers, wheelchairs, crutches and prosthetics, and ensure that such equipment is used properly and safely.

If you are or a loved one requires physical therapy, schedule an appointment with Panetta Physical Therapy. With offices located in Bohemia and all of the major points of interest nearby, including Connetquot River State Park and Fire Island, our team of physical therapists will devise a customized treatment plan that will effectively build your strength and restore your physical abilities.


“When I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I didn’t know how I was going to cope with the pain. The team at Panetta Physical Therapy have taught pain management techniques and have restored my ability to comfortably and successful complete the physical tasks that I was no longer able to do as a result of my condition. I will forever be thankful to them.”

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