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Most golfers work on technique by taking lessons. What they forget to work on is actually their most important piece of golf equipment-their bodies.

PANETTA PHYSICAL THERAPY IS THE ONLY FRANCHISE FOR FITGOLF ON LONG ISLAND Bayshore, NY  April 28, 2016  – Panetta Physical Therapy is Long Island’s only FitGolf performance center location. FitGolf, through Panetta Physical Therapy, will create a customized training program and exercise plan designed to resolve body issues; improve golf performance; help you feel better; all creating a healthier body for a better game of golf.


Are you a golfer looking for that extra edge to help you with your performance? Get ready for golf season by visiting Panetta Physical Therapy for your annual checkup. Our FitGolf performance centers are here to help you on your quest to play better golf and feel better while you play. Lower your scores, improve your consistency, increase your distance, guaranteed. Adequate balance, strength, flexibility, range of motion, mobility and motility throughout the demands of the golf swing are essential to play well and consistently.

We stand behind our training programs to get you the outcome you want  

Because your body is your most important piece of equipment®


Panetta Physical Therapy is a private, outpatient physical therapy clinic which helps patients of all ages with musculoskeletal injuries. With over 27 years of experience, the physical therapy team takes the time to accurately assess mobility and pain issues in order to find the best treatment plan for each patients’ needs.