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Greenvale Physical Therapy

Whether you have sustained an injury that has left you in chronic pain, or you have been diagnosed with a medical condition that is causing constant pain, physical therapy can be one of the best options to help you manage your pain. By improving your strength and boosting your mobility, physical therapy has the potential to successful ease your pain and help you prevent the recurrence of pain.

Through the use of various modalities, including passive and active therapies, physical therapy help you learn how to manage pain, restore your physical function and increase your overall quality of life.

Ways Physical Therapy Treats Pain

Physical therapists are healthcare professionals that have received extensive training in diagnosing and treating dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system. Your therapist will perform a thorough physical evaluation to spot signs of weakness or stiffness that may be causing your pain. Your therapist will then devise a customized treatment plan that will aim to treat the problem areas to reduce your pain and help to improve your mobility.

During your physical therapy sessions, there are a number of passive and active treatments that you could experience.

  • Passive Treatments – Because these treatments that do not require you to exert physical action, but are rather treatments that are done to you, they are known as passive. Passive physical therapy treatments can include a variety of therapies, such as:
    • Massage, which will concentrate on alleviating stiffness in the joints, ligaments and muscles, thus relaxing you and relieving pain.
    • The application of a TENS Unit, or electronic stimulation therapy, which sends a low-voltage of electric current through the skin and soft tissues to calm the joints, ligaments and muscles.
    • Hot and cold therapy, which reduces inflammation and swelling.
    • Spinal cord stimulation, which involves the application of low-voltage electricity to the spine with the goal of blocking pain receptors that send signals to the brain that cause you to experience pain.
  • Active Physical Therapy Treatments- These treatments are therapies that you will physically partake in. They can include the following:
    • Low-impact aerobic conditioning exercises that aim to reduce pain, as well as provide long term reduction of pain. Some examples of low-impact aerobic exercises include swimming, walking, biking and water therapies.
    • Various types of stretches, which include stretching the muscles in the areas where you are experiencing pain, such as the neck and shoulders, the hamstrings, the knees, the hips, the ankles and the back.

Physical therapy has proven to be an effective way to minimize or completely eliminate pain, and it can also prevent the recurrence of pain. It can help you avoid the need to take pain medications on a long-term basis.

If you are experiencing any sort of physical pain and you live in the Greenvale area, contact Panetta Physical Therapy. We are situated within close proximity to all points of interest in the area, including the historic Roslyn East Gate Toll House and the CW Post Campus of Long Island University.


“After I suffered an injury while playing college sports, I was in incredible pain that lasted for years. My doctor recommended Panetta Physical Therapy and I can’t tell you how incredible the benefits have been! My pain has significantly decreased and I am able to do the things that I haven’t been able to do in years!”

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