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Christina Panetta PT

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Meet the founder of Panetta Physical Therapy, Christina Panetta.

Jaclyn Carabott DPT

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Dr. Jaclyn Carabott provides feedback about her professional experiences with Physical Therapy and how she pushes forward in the field.

Anthony Lubrano DPT

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Listen to Dr. Anthony Lubranos’s story about what made him interested in this field and what he activities he enjoys in his spare time.

Therese Panetta-Young DPT

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Dr. Therese Panetta-Young explains to us her experiences and motivations in the field.

Gary DeBarbieri DPT

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Dr. Gary Debarbieri discusses what influenced him to become a Physical Therapist, and speaks a little bit about his life outside the office.

Steve Wiley DPT

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Dr. Steve Wiley tells us about what led him down the road to become a Physical Therapist.

Karen Eckardt PT

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Meet Karen, our Chief Operating Officer at Panetta PT and learn a little bit about her many accomplishments in the field of Physical Therapy.

Joseph Burbige DPT

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Dr. Joe Burbige tells us a little bit about himself and what made him want to become a Physical Therapist.

Joseph McCabe DPT

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Dr. Joe McCabe talks about his time before Panetta and what motivated him to start his physical therapy journey.

Ilicia Manzi DPT

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Meet Dr. Ilicia Manzi and learn about her passion for helping those with chronic pain.

Phillip Caruso DPT

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Dr. Phil Caruso talks a little bit about what made him want to become a Physical Therapist, and what you might find him doing outside of work.

Daniel Horowitz DPT

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Meet Dr. Dan Horowitz, the newest addition to our Roslyn office and learn a little bit about his life in and out of the workplace.