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How Is This Possible?

Tight joints or weak muscles can cause the body to develop imbalances.  Overtime this leads to an inability to execute proper movement. Instead your body starts to compensate in ways that not only cause injury and pain but also interfere with performance.


What Panetta Can Do To Help.

At Panetta we utilize the latest in Motion Analysis to “see and measure what the naked eye cannot”.  This helps us find points of weakness, Range of motion loss or flaws in mechanics.  These findings help us identify potential and current causes of injury

Using 3-D animation technology we can actually measure joint movement to the degree throughout a complex movement pattern such as a golf swing, tennis serve, lacrosse shot, baseball pitch and compare to the ideal movement of high level players.


High speed 2-D video allows us to slow down running or walking and look these motions frame by frame from different angles

Our Computerized weight platform looks at dynamic balance and your ability to weight shift – especially helpful after surgery or if you are having balance problems.

Coupled with a comprehensive functional movement screen (FMS) our Therapists are able to accurately pinpoint the source of the problem and develop a treatment program that is custom fit for you.

More importantly these technologies help our patients to see what changes they need to make to prevent injury and improve performance. In addition visual and auditory bio-feedback cues accelerate motor learning and make it easier to track progress.