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Woman rubbing her Neck

What is Tech Neck and how should we fix it?

Cell phones and computers are a pivotal part of our daily lives. We rely on them for many situations including scheduling, entertainment, communication, and even business. Studies have shown that 79% of people

shoveling snow on Long Island

How To Treat Back Injuries This Winter Season

Winter is upon us which means endless darkness, cold mornings and lots of snow. New York is unforgiving in it’s winter weather and we are the unfortunate victims. When we get a snow storm,

Physical Therapist with Dancer

Start to Finish Rehab for a Ballerina

           Sarah is a 15 year old that initially came to our office complaining of back & hip pain that abruptly started. It concerned her because the pain made it difficult to walk

Woman on Physio Ball doing Physical Therapy Exercise

6 Easy At-Home Exercises to do for Total Knee Replacements

Recovering from a total knee replacement takes time, effort and most of all, patience. A lot of your energy is spent doing rehab exercises. There supervised exercises done at physical therapy are important because

Radiating arm pain relief at Physical therapy

Radicular Arm Pain

Posted by John Panetta on September 5, 2017

Category: Back Pain

Treatment for Radicular Arm Pain

Have you ever felt a pain radiating down your arm? An ache that seems to shoot through your shoulder? Have you wondered if you have a pinched nerve? Actually, the cause is more likely musculoskeletal.

In my office, I often see patients who complain of