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Preparing For Physical Therapy

What should I bring to PT?

  • Your insurance card or any relative insurance information
  • Your prescription
  • Your calendar
  • Patient Information Forms (click to download and print)
  • Any imaging reports that may have been previously performed


What should I wear to PT?

During your initial evaluation and the following treatment sessions, your therapist will need easy access to the  targeted body part, as well as any related structures.

Please keep this in mind when getting dressed for PT. For example, tank tops are necessary for examination of the neck and upper extremities, and shorts are needed for examination of the spine and lower extremities.

Tight, excessively layered or complicated clothing should be avoided during treatment. If you are coming from, or on your way to your workplace, please bring exercise attire to change into at our facility. Plan accordingly and leave yourself adequate time for this extra step in order to prevent it detracting from your treatment time.
Therapeutic exercise is an important aspect of each patient’s rehabilitation. Sweatpants, sweatshirts, warm-up suits, shorts, and tank tops are advised. Comfortable, supportive footwear is essential for your health and safety. Cross-training athletic shoes or some reasonable type of sneaker is acceptable.

If you have any questions, just give us a call and we will be more than happy to answer any questions.


How much time should I allow for my first session?

For your initial session, you should plan to be here for about an hour. The first visit will allow your therapist to assess your injury and come up with the best course of treatment to help you get back in top shop as soon as possible. When you first meet your therapist, they will use their experience and background to come up with and implement an individualized plan of care for you to optimize your care here at Panetta.