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Ronkonkoma Physical Therapy

Have you been told by your doctor that physical therapy is something you would benefit from? If so, are you wondering exactly what physical therapy is, what will be involved, and how it will help you? To learn more about physical therapy, keep on reading.

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is a type of physical treatment that is often needed when health problems or an injury has made it difficult to move, has caused a significant amount of persistent pain or has made it hard to complete everyday tasks. It improves your range of motion, restores your physical functionality and can help to relieve pain, thus making it easier for you to successfully engage in your daily physical tasks, such as walking, standing, climbing stairs or lifting objects.

What does physical therapy treat?

Physical therapy treats decreased mobility and range of motion, as well as pain, that result from a wide variety of conditions. People who suffer from arthritis, vascular diseases, strokes or heart attacks often benefit from physical therapy. Those who have been involved in accidents or who have sustained injuries also benefit from physical therapy. In short, physical therapy is used to treat a decreased range of motion, decreased mobility or pain that can result from any number of conditions, accidents or injuries.

What will the physical therapist do?

A physical therapist will examine you and discuss your symptoms with you, including how they impact your daily life. With the information gathered from your examination and your discussion, your therapist will devise a customized plan of action that will include therapeutic exercises and/or procedures that will aim to improve your strength and restore the dexterity of your joints, thus restoring your mobility and decreasing your pain. Your physical therapist will work with you throughout your treatment course to assist you with building your endurance, strength, balance and coordination.

What is involved?

Physical therapy almost always involves some form of exercise that specifically aims to heal your injury or condition. They can also help to prevent the development of future problems. The exercises that are used in physical therapy are designed to help you improve your strength, your flexibility, your coordination and your range of motion. It can also include manual therapies, such as massages, manipulation or mobilization, which promote relaxation, decrease pain and enhance flexibility. During your therapy appointments, you will also be taught how to properly perform your exercises, as well as modify your daily activities to improve your condition.

If your doctor has recommended physical therapy, contact Panetta Physical Therapy today! We are conveniently located near all towns in Suffolk County, including the hamlet of Ronkonkoma and its many points of interest, such as the Brownstone Brewing Company, Long Island Escape Games Extreme and Long Island MacArthur Airport.


“After my father suffered a stroke, we weren’t sure if he was ever going to regain the use of the left side of his body. Thanks to the professional and caring staff at Panetta Physical Therapy, my dad has regained the full use of the left side of his body. We are forever thankful!”

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