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Rehabilitation through physical therapy after a serious injury, illness or surgery may be necessary to help a patient regain strength, flexibility, and mobility to the areas of the body that have been affected. A Rehabilitation plan may be different for each patient. For example, an older person that may have had hip surgery may need aquatic therapy as opposed to a younger person who may have a fractured foot and needs to regain movement. A physical therapist will work with a patient to improve strength, mobility and overall fitness as well as treatment of pain.
Panetta Physical Therapy offers rehabilitation services to patients ranging from adolescents to geriatric. Whether a patient needs physical therapy after orthopedic surgery or for a neurological disorder, a thorough assessment will be conducted to create the best plan of rehabilitation care. The purpose of each rehabilitation plan is to restore a patient’s prior function level.

We Customise Rehabilitation For Every Individual

  • Promotes overall healing and well-being.

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