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What is sports medicine?

Sports medicine is a common term used when referring to the care of athletes who have sustained a sports-related injury. Rehabilitation from the injury can be provided by licensed physical therapists to help athletes return to their sport safely with the goal to prevent re-injury as well as increase performance. With a combination of manual therapy, exercise therapy, and flexibility training, a comprehensive sports injury rehabilitation program will be able to get athletes back to their sport. All patients will receive return-to-sport testing to ensure the safety of each and every athlete.

Sports medicine can include many different treatments and exercise that can be used for a number of injuries, illnesses and other ailments. The goal is to make a proper diagnosis that will treat, heal and manage the sustained injuries. Sports medicine is not just for athletes. Anyone who may work out occasionally or who has a job that requires a lot of physical movement can benefit from sports therapy principles.

How does sports medicine help athletes?

The goal of sports medicine is to help all athletes maximize their function and minimize their disability. The following are the benefits of sports medicine therapies.

Rehabilitation from injury
Even though sports medicine is mostly used in rehabilitation for professional athletes, one doesn’t have to be a professional athlete to benefit from sports medicine. Rehabilitation aids in the healing of the affected area while also increasing the range of motion and flexibility. Stretching exercises and physical therapy are also important to keep joints from stiffening.

Injury prevention
Although sports medicine may mostly focus on rehabilitation of a sustained injury, preventative care is also important to help avoid any future injuries. An overall wellness protocol through sports medicine would include discussions about diet, nutrition, and exercise. Each individual’s workout plans are tailored to specific needs such as reducing unwanted weight gain or introduction to foods that will help increase performance.

Personal Training
Personal training through sports medicine is a great way to get individualized attention to increase performance and to help reach athletic goals. Having a personal trainer is motivating and instills self-discipline. Whether the goal is weight loss, building muscle or to increase stamina, a personal trainer can help you reach your highest athletic potential.

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Acute injuries

Acute injuries occur consequently of rapid trauma to muscle, cartilage, disc, tendon or ligament.

Surgical Rehabilitation

Surgical is the future a mature of rehabilitation is required to construct strength, report and flexibility to ensure a safe reward to your sport and allowing you to charity at your best.

Chronic injuries

These injuries are often joined gone faulty biomechanics or follow an initial acute offend.