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Physical Therapy West Islip

Are you suffering with pain after sustaining an injury? Have you experienced a decrease in your mobility as a result of arthritis? Have you be in an accident that impacted your ability to use a specific part of your body to its fullest extent? If so, physical therapy could be the answer that you are looking for.

A customized physical therapy program can help to restore your strength, improve your flexibility or reduce the amount of pain that you may be experiencing as a result of an injury, a medical condition or an illness, restoring your ability to physically function as you did before. Physical therapy can also help to prevent further injuries from occurring and boost your overall well being and health.

If you are wondering more about the specifics of how physical therapy can benefit you, here is a look at some of the most notable advantages that it can provide.

Reduced Your Pain

The exercises and therapy techniques that are applied through physical therapy can help to relieve any physical pain that you may be experiencing. Electronic stimulation, soft tissue mobilization and strengthening exercises are just a few of the treatments that have proven to effectively ease pain in countless patients.

Improve Your Mobility

If you are experiencing mobility issues, such as a limp that is slowing you down or a bad knees that are making it difficult to stand for long periods of time, physical therapy can help to restore your mobility. Your physical therapy plan of action could include a variety of exercises that aim to stretch and strengthen your body that will help to restore your ability to move. Canes, crutches or other assistive devices, such as prosthesis can be properly fitted by a physical therapist to provide you with the extra support that is needed to improve your mobility. Your care plan will be individualized for your specific needs to ensure that you receive the proper treatments and devices that are necessary to restore or support your strength and movement.

Heal Your Injuries

Whether you have suffered a sports-related injury, you have slipped and fallen, or you have been involved in an accident, physical therapy can help to heal any injuries that you have sustained. Your physical therapist will design an appropriate recovery program that will target your specific injuries so that you can fully and properly heal.

Manage Health Conditions

There are several health conditions, such as diabetes and vascular disease that can impact your physical well-being. Physical therapy can help to help you manage the physical limitations, pain or decreased mobility that such conditions can cause, or possibly prevent such limitations from occurring at all.

With a physical therapy program that is customized for your specific needs, you can enjoy greater comfort and a better quality of life. If you are located in West Islip, Panetta Physical Therapy can provide you with the assistance that you need. Located near all towns in Suffolk County, including the hamlet of West Islip on Long Island’s south shore, which is also a popular access for those who enjoy swimming at Robert Moses State Park.


“After my car accident, I didn’t think my back would ever be the same. Thanks to the staff at Panetta Physical Therapy, by back pain is gone and I am stronger than I have ever been.”

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